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Volunteers, this is an area I have never touched. At the end of April 2014, I finally ushered in the first volunteer career in my life ------ sand row volunteers. In the first few days, the weather was very hot. Sitting on the beach, it is like a hot sun, and the sand under the feet is hot. Sometimes I was fortunate enough to be assigned to a singular venue Cigarettes Online, because the scoreboard there was just able to block the hot sun for me; sometimes it was not so good, and the double venue in the afternoon was almost baked in the hot sun. Even the drinking water will become very hot after being placed in the sun. At this time, sweat from time to time came out of my forehead, and the whole person felt very hot. I didn't expect to give up and didn't complain. Although he was tanned, he still worked diligently in every game. In the next few days, the weather gradually cooled down. Sometimes it is even cold weather. And because we are volunteers, we have special short sleeves for us to wear, we can't change the clothes at will, so we are still wearing thin short sleeves standing in the wind to do our work well. The coldness of the weather did not make me back down, but instead challenged the limits of my self. I know very well: I am a volunteer and I must never back down! I have strong willpower to support Online Cigarettes, and the spirit of volunteers is inspiring. When I first came, the team leader said: Volunteers will be very tired and bitter, but we must have a spirit of never giving up. What's more, we represent the Chinese caddy. If we are afraid of being tired and tired, will we not give a bad impression to foreign athletes? So we have persisted, relying on our strong will. The six-day volunteer experience has given me a chance to be more disciplined and ready to play. Although my job is simply a flop, I am very careful. Although sometimes it is because the red is the team which is the blue team, the referee athletes and even the audience do not have one person over-criminating me, but just pointed out my mistakes in time and encouraged me. It is because of the help of some people that I can master the rules of the game in the shortest time and no longer make mistakes. Their encouragement has strengthened my confidence Newport Cigarettes. I have done a good job of doing this job. The days of volunteering for the sand row are over, but I will always remember the places where I once sweated. I will always be the spirit of volunteers. Remember - dedication, friendship, mutual help, progress. I got a valuable asset in my life - learning to serve others and learning toughness!
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