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In a blink of an eye, the five-day sand volleyball volunteers are over. During these five days, we threw sweat and gained joy. In just five days, I felt too much. The one that impressed me the most was the match between Brazil and Austria. I heard a classmate say that Brazil It was the champion of the sand platoon last year. I couldn��t help but squeeze the sweat for Austria. My heart secretly sympathized with Austria��s misfortune. The game was held at noon. When the sun was shining, the sun was burning on the earth, and the sea breeze continued to force us. Even if I wear long sleeves and hats, I always feel the heat of the skin, and the players on the field are only wearing pants. Vests, but they put them out of the way. The game started, the Brazilian team and the Austrian team competed fiercely. Finally, the Brazilian team took the top spot with its superb skills and won the first game. Because it is a preliminaries, the second game has a crucial role, it involves which team can stay, which team will be eliminated, so the Austrian team is not far behind, and the Brazilian team is comparable, the Brazilian team knows the other side is not bad, I also tried my best. At this time, the ball that the Brazilian team played was just on the face of the No. 2 player in Austria. It is important to know that the strength of the volleyball player is not to be underestimated, let alone the Brazilian team Carton Of Cigarettes. Sure enough, the Austrian player was directly hit by the ball and the sunglasses were shot. I thought the Austrian player would lie on the ground for a while, but he decidedly slammed his face with a painful face. The other hand climbed up and his companion immediately asked about the situation. He shook his head and muttered a few words. Then he continued the game like a okay person, but I obviously heard the ball hit. There was a heavy voice on his face... In the next game, he worked harder and harder, and every time he threw the ball up to his companion, he looked even bigger Marlboro Cigarettes, each of his The movements all reveal his athlete's spirit. Although the game is over, the Austrian team is strong and never gives up Newport 100S. The spirit has never been interrupted. Although the volunteers have to face the hot weather, the pain and continuity after being sunburned. A few hours of uninterrupted work, but this experience is still happy. Not only does it let me know that we should have the spirit of teamwork, but also let me understand that I can't give up and can't be defeated by a little bit of setbacks. I really appreciate this volunteer experience!
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