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"Teacher Liao.I can believe your behavior and have what matter though say."The words descend in fact already take a soft meaning, however the meaning isn't that obvious, Wu from take to act with dignity for several cents.Let the bodyguard back to walk, released equal good intentions, if Liao learns a soldier again not encourage, he shell a life time although the Xiang is humble also have proud character, would rather put together to splash with blood all of ground tile of five jades that also want to.
The bodyguards signal hint at shell a life time the vision of the Xiang under just wanted to back into elevator, Liao learned a soldier indeed as expected unappreciative.The corner of mouth is tiny to start to hang up upward, uncannily say with smile:"Say to come right away, say to walk and then walk?When is a rest room here?"
"H'm?"It is public and startled, hesitated so for an instant.
For the in a flash scene in anything that vanishes, the eagle of desert shouts the ground moves to open from the shell a life time Xiang forehead and toward the knock down the Yan general situation grows of the bodyguard button up trigger.
"Bang!"Of one Be huge to ring, deafening, the huge voice resounds in the stairs vehemence in the ground hallway and imitates if the furious wind roaring and shouting is general, unexpectedly shake the flower arrangement leaf of corner shout swayed for a while, be apart from his recent shell a life time Xiang heart's imitating a Buddha be pounded by the iron ball and almost split and stumble toward retreating an one step.
The gun muzzle spouts a Xuan purpose spark and bomb medium that 銳 Chinese fir to come to shot dozen Be produced to iron elbow, the power may compare small scaled bomb and break arm to play toward the ceiling, ground bone residue son and flesh and blood, the fragment of gusset explodes to open, the in mid air is satisfied in succession, like rain blood rain.
The bodyguard is taken by the wildly fierce way, body not from already, inclined fly to open 56 meters, malicious bump on the wall, this just fall to lie prone Be fallen off to ground.
Is old sky of!Is that still a gun?Incredibly bomb an arm that greatly lives a person to break like this, all of the elbow joint about ten Li rices ground places become remnant!Bloody condition, the cruelty of means, the dispassion of the action, the eagle of desert is domineering and matchless, let present each person's skin of head become numb, feel like be stimulated by the static electricity, the sweat hair pours Shu.
outran early-warning scope because of the voice, alarm bell your work!
Old Liao is also shaken tiny in a flash, blew off the nitric smoke that the Mi spreads, the gun muzzle says with smile slowly and with a downward exposure:"Mr. Bei is persons to all have a temper, my individual is more ruthlessly oppressive, however you greatly can trust, I to your nothing important malice, just small smallly taught you that don't know the under charge of wit and humour."
The shell a life time Xiang sees the direction that that gun muzzle points, the heart knows to can drop to turn a gun muzzle dozen to explode himself/herself under the sistuation that anyone too late respond at any time with his speed.Temporarily wish head if got this gun, may be like the balloon blow up, the remnant that leaves all over the place red white?
"Like, teacher Liao, what do you actually want to do?"Under the shell a life time Xiang opponent of the miserable sight turn a blind eye.
Threw a so big face, incredibly can also contain anger, old Liao can not help admiring his nourish the spirit effort, after putting into the eagle of desert, waist, say:"In fact I am very good faith to you, however you misunderstood me."
The hallway is another a carry of end two guards hear an alarm bell and grip Jing stick to urgently and urgently run.See the blood of ground, see shell a life time the Xiang eating one way of being surprised, flurried asking again:"Mr. Bei, what matter"?
"My a hand didn't descend to carefully fall and hurt a hand, nothing important matter, you turn off alarm bell."
The guard takes to back to open with interrogative look, Wu from endure not to turn head to look about.
The bodyguard gets an order, seven hands eight feet lift into elevator the unlucky ghost getting hurt, and a group of people disappears in the eyelid.
The shell a life time Xiang feels keenly Liao to learn the soldier's threat and have already descended in the heart intention to murder, needs a 89th floors to immediately begin.Surface but stay calm and collected, resume consistent keep a ground of gentle and cultivated, cool way:"Teacher Liao is to want to make me take you up the 99th floors, however I still have prior condition, that be you have to closely or so."Clearly approval but intentionally speak the condition that one person has no difficulty, making use of a psychological warfare to want to make old Liao lose the heart of vigilance.

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