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Did not the data that a few days ago gives out you cautiously finish seeing?The American boxing occupation league match heavy weight that knows last year champion John is lousy why does the proper prime of life suddenly declare to back service?It is thanking son badge to have 1 among them is lousy to John, he interrupted John's seven lousy ribs for two minutes.If I invite foreign guy, also different will lose?"
"Feed, I as usual don't want to be interrupted seven ribs.The current life is very quiet, for the sake of a guest benefit but throw away life, not worth the trouble."
"You exactly want me to say a time, so, you arrive the jade Yu Qiong building in the evening, I have words to say to you."
Liao learns a soldier depressed and not talking much after hanging up again receive a board of directors history airtight if the Si madam's telephone, he goes to president's office right away.
This ……" president already successful, living a rice to cook mature iron, and Smith madam 郞 feeling Qie idea, do they want to deliver to thank Mei red envelope?
Not too may, Smith's madam is the highest feme covert in range of experience, having a liking for my old Liao can't have a liking for president that bad old headman.
He finds out a piece of plastics plank, covers on the above of the head and emits heavy rain to rush out to transact building.Rain power greatly must can not imagine, the sky ash in the distance receives one, 20 meters outside see not pure shadow of human figure, the plastics plank the slightest had no effect, can promise that his eyes isn't flushed by the rain-storm, run 35 after the whole body have been already been sprinkled dripping wet.
Just once ran turn a corner, with right against the face of a student collided with each other be full of.
"Not good intentions, I rush through time."Liao learns soldier's ten plastics planks for fallening off.
"Teacher!You this blind person!"That student is unexpectedly a Mu and permits blue fall, support a floret umbrella, the bottom of trouser-leg has been already been splashed soak through, hurriedly learn the soldier to Liao and pull an umbrella and descend.This is on hiding the parasol to the pimping area, 2 people are crowded to do one regiment, the raindrop still can not avoid floating and come in.Old Liao silently let a position of shoulder, promise small and blue fall can't be sprinkled by rain.
"Teacher, am I just wanting to send an umbrella for you, do you run so quickly and why?"Big parts of students keep thing boxes to all have an umbrella back up, just in case.The Mu permits blue fall to see rain of bottom must so heavy, run to football field first, discover empty none person, imagining him will definitely in the office, again quickly rush through pass by.
"You are this silly wench, rain is next heavy need not came out, the darling read in the classroom study be, give biggest consolation for teacher."Old Liao once connects an umbrella, the Mu permit blue fall to send to an office building of bottom, say:"You go first my office foolish, have a computer can get to the Internet of, I come right away, don't walk indiscriminately far."
The Mu permits blue fall sweet sweet smile, knead the teacher's hand, "etc. you to remember be changing clothes, never catching a cold."Entered to transact building.
Old Liao really enjoys in retrospect everlasting, few person in the Gu house becomes accustomed to and suddenly has personal concern, and taste's returning is really wonderful.
Arrived to transact building on the second, make an effort to fling off the water bead on the umbrella, followed agreeable hair before the mirror in the gauge of building way, found out president's office.
President and Smith's madams all at, just 2 people be very and far separated and accidentally have confabulation and say of also all the business of school, lord the language isn't smooth to have no relish.Several times president's 3 wants to turn the topic to the daily life to go, helpless have been canning not find to lend.Some men care middleman in front the head quarters have too many fears, ignoring him is a completely inexperienced in society boy to still keep experiencing the vicissitudes of life of current affairs old man.
Old Liao walks into office, takes off the coat of dripping wet and dismantled the dry towel that the president provides for use to wipe to say face:"Madam, is isn't that there is new business in the school want me to do?"
Smith's madam opens widely mouth, full is an apology on the face:"Dear Liao is really thousand times sorry, I don't know the outside is raining, office in soundproof very good, I even didn't hear any action."
"Is unimportant, madam, I the body Jian is like cow, besides my individual specially likes the felling that takes a stroll in rain, E, how say, that is a kind of state of mind that looks forward to to the great universe, drive rain drenching I on the contrary and more feel pleasing."Old Liao one bottom sits on president's in front:"Is quick to take out the best stone precipice tea that you collect as treasure for several years."

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